Training Information

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Training Calendar 9 Sep 19 (1)

Cadets are strongly encouraged to attend the regularly scheduled weekly training provided at the Armoury.  Training and lessons are conducted on Wednesday evenings between 1845h-2130h and during select scheduled weekends.  Cadets receive instruction on a wide variety of topics and activities, such as marksmanship, navigation, equipment usage, drill practice, sports nights, and even dining etiquette and public conduct.

Training Resources

Cadet Instructors are responsible for reviewing the training plan to determine and prepare what lessons they will teach.  Instructors are assigned to classes at up to 45 days in advance but assignments are subject to change and should be reviewed each Monday after 1800 hrs.  Cadet instructors unable to teach an assignment MUST notify the training Officer as soon as possible to allow reassignment to another instructor.

Lesson Plans and Templates (for Cadet Instructors)

Each lesson requires a lesson plan. Download and create your blank lesson plan template in Word or PDF format.

Cadet Instructors MUST advise the Supply Officer at least 1 week in advance of any equipment your require for your lessons.

Program Summary

You can find an overall summary of the Army Cadet Training program here.  This outlines the overall training program by star level.  These lessons may be done during a regular training night, armoury day, FTX or other training event.

The prefix of the Enabling Objective (EO or Lesson) tells you some information about it.

  • Items starting with MX are Mandatory and across all levels
  • Items starting with M are Mandatory and must be delivered during the training year.
  • Items starting with a C are complimentary and can be used to supplement the mandatory training.

Instructional Guides (IG’s & QSP’s)

The following table details the format for Wednesday night training including all links to the Guides, Plans and Template documents for each all star levels.

LEVEL Red Star Silver Star Gold Star Master Cadet
INSTRUCTIONAL GUIDES (pdf) Green Star Red Star Silver Star Gold Star Master Cadet
Blank PPT Templates for Lesson Prep Green Star Red Star Silver Star Gold Star Master Cadet
Cadet Qualification Standard & Plan Guides (pdf) Green Star Red Star
Cap Brass Test
Silver Star Gold Star Master Cadet
PO 513 Workshop
1840-1845 Arrive at the Armoury, sign in with duty NCM Setup Classrooms Seniors O Group
Review Training and Instructor Assignments)
1845-1905 Opening Parade and Inspection
(Duty Platoon assigned. Cadets advise platoon commanders of uniform exchange items upon arrival)
1905-1910 Move to Classes
1910-1940 Period 1 Instruction Period 1 Instruction Period 1 Instruction Period 1 Instruction Instruction & Assigned Duties
1940-1945 Move to Classes
1945-2015 Period 2 Instruction Period 2 Instruction Period 2 Instruction Period 2 Instruction Instruction & Assigned Duties
2015-2030 Canteen
(Uniform items will be exchanged during this period)
2030-2035 Move to Classes
2035-2105 Period 3 Instruction Period 3 Instruction Period 3 Instruction Period 3 Instruction Instruction & Assigned Duties
2105-2125 Closing Parade, Announcements and Dismissal
(Parents are welcome to come in and watch)
2125-2135 Duty Platoon Clean Up
(All Cadets in the assigned duty platoon must ensure clean up is complete and be dismissed by the Duty Officer before leaving)